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"Becoming Jewish: At the Water's Edge".

Produced and Directed for Mayyim Hayyim by Jen Kaplan. Thank you to Temple Hillel B'nai Torah for the use of the space in filming portions of this film. Forbes Graham and his family are members of Temple Hillel B'nai Torah led by Rabbi Barbara Penzner.

Being Jewish on Halloween

“Are we still having Hebrew School next Wednesday?” I overheard a student ask a teacher last week. “Nobody is going to come, you know, ‘cause it’s Halloween.” “Yes, I’ll be here teaching,” the teacher responded. “Halloween isn’t a Jewish holiday.” This is patently true. As you may already know, Halloween likely originated as a Celtic, Druidic religious festival, marking the transition to the New Year and winter with this night where the boundary between the living and the dead, between gods and humans, disappeared temporarily. It was also deemed an auspicious opportunity for divination and prayer, which was particularly important at a time when it could not be taken for granted that one’s family and livestock would survive the winter. READ THE FULL ESSAY HERE

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Rabbi PenzNer arrested at the DACA Protest Inside Capitol Hill 1/17/18

Are you curious about why I was arrested at the Capitol two weeks ago? Read my article in The Forward: Link

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Temple Hillel B'nai Torah (HBT) is a Jewish Reconstructionist congregation, based in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, that is welcoming, egalitarian, multicultural, and inclusive. We are devoted to our core principles of worship, study, social justice and community. 

HBT is a haimish community that is rooted in Jewish tradition and responsive to the world we live in. We actively engage our members in the creative process of bringing new perspectives to tradition and making tradition meaningful to contemporary lives.

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