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Fantastic Friday Nights @ HBT


September 7, October 19, November 2, December 7,  January 18, February 1, March 15, and May 17

6:15 – 7:20pm

Our goal on these Friday nights is to bring together our community for a shared experience of saying goodbye to the business (and busyness) of the workweek and welcoming Shabbat with ritual, song, and food. Whatever your age, relationship status, observance level, or Jewish background, we all need Shabbat, and we need each other to create community with whom to celebrate Shabbat.

Sharing Shabbat dinner is a wonderful social event! We will gather for a traditional catered community dinner. If you have dietary restrictions (other than kashrut), please contact the temple office at 617-323-0486 or email Benita at

Community dinner cost
Adults: 13 and older (post-b'nai mitzvah age) $19.
Families: $54.
Children ages 7 - 12: $9.
Children 6 & under eat free

RSVP to the HBT office at 617-323-0486 or email:

By 5:00pm Wednesday, before the Friday dinner

Note: No money will be accepted on Shabbat.

Cancellation policy: You will receive a full refund if you contact the HBT office to cancel by 5:00pm on Wednesday, September 6th.  If you do not cancel by then, you will be responsible for payment.



7:30 – 8:30pm

October 19, March 15 and May 17

Judaism is a communal religion, not a solitary practice. When we come together, our children can experience the joy of sharing Shabbat with older members, and our older members get a chance to know and celebrate with our

younger members and their parents. As a community, we connect with our family and friends; scaffolded by the rituals of Jewish tradition, we pause and appreciate our many blessings, realizing how rich and relevant welcoming Shabbat can be.



7:30 - 8:30pm

November 2 -  Allen J. Worters Memorial Lecture

December 7 - Hanukkah Celebration

February 1 -  Game Night









To reserve your space, contact the temple office:  617-323-0486 or