Hesed: Caring for our Community

“The cornerstone of Rabbi Nosson Zvi’s service to God was chesed. This to him meant being careful of another’s honor and dignity, helping others, having one’s own heart overflow with love and kindness, utilizing every opportunity to benefit others... Above all it meant that one should greet his fellow with a pleasant countenance, because it makes the other feel good and binds people together in friendship.
— Rabbi Chaim Zaitchik, Sparks of Mususar

The goal of the Hesed committee is to extend life cycle support and services in times of need to members of our community.  Whether a congregant is recovering from an illness or juggling the demands of a new baby our community wants to provide assistance when needed.  At times, Hesed takes a large coordinated effort; at others just a few minutes of time.  We encourage families and friends to notify the synagogue office or call a member of the Hesed Committee when you hear of a congregant that might need help.   

Our on-line community of volunteers Lots of Helping Hands makes the mitzvah of Hesed easy.  New volunteers are always welcome.  When you sign-up with Lots of Helping Hands you will be notified of the needs within our community.  Support listed on this site provides you with the opportunity to make a one time commitment.  It might be dropping off a home cooked meal, picking up a few items at the grocery store or just making a friendly phone call.

Help us spread cheer, nourishment, helping hands or a friendly ear  during a congregants’ time of need. Each of us as a community member can help uplift spirits as we reach out and build connections among members and families of our wonderful congregational families. 

To start receiving notices about how you can help support fellow congregants email Dianne Heitin (Heitin.Dianne55@comcast.net) who will add you to HBT's "Lotsa Helping Hands" page. Once you sign up, you will be among the first to know when a baby is born or when someone needs support.