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Shakin' Shabbat for Families with Young Children

 "There's a dinosaur knocking at my door, knocking 1, 2, 3; there's a dinosaur, knocking at my door, and he's come to have Shabbat with me!" (music note symbol)

Come join us, a dinosaur or two, and Rabbi Barbara Penzner to celebrate ShabbatFriday evening, December 9 with singing, dancing, stories, and sharing hugs with the Torah and someone you love!

We warmly invite families with children ages 0-6 (older siblings are welcome) to attend our Shakin' (tot) Shabbat family program, followed by a community dinner.

Community Dinner Details:

Adult: $19                          Family: $54   

Families with young children, ages 6 and under: $38

NOTE: No money will be accepted on Shabbat. Please reserve your space by 5 pm Wednesday before each Community Dinner. Cancellation policy: We will give a full refund only if you cancel by 5:00pm on Wednesday before the Friday dinner. If you reserve a space, do not come to dinner, and do not cancel by the deadline, you will be responsible for full payment. 

To reserve your space, contact the temple office:  617-323-0486 or