Hillel B’nai Torah is a haimish community that is rooted in Jewish tradition and responsive to the world we live in.  We actively engage our members in the creative process of bringing new perspectives to tradition and making tradition meaningful to contemporary lives.


HAVURAH (Community)

We welcome members of varied backgrounds into a warm and caring intergenerational community. We support each other through all of life’s stages and joyfully integrate children into all dimensions of temple life.

TIKKUN OLAM (Social Justice)

We enlist the active participation of all our members in hands-on efforts to nurture our community, mend our society, and protect our planet.

TORAH (Learning)

Because learning is at the heart of Jewish life, learning pervades all aspects of our temple.  We make Jewish texts and traditions, ideas and values accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.

AVODAH (Worship)

Drawing from the well of Jewish spirituality, we seek connections to God and each other through traditional and creative approaches to ritual, celebration, and prayer.

Temple Hillel B’nai Torah is an affiliate of the Jewish Reconstructionist Movement.