Weekday Ma’ariv, found in Kol Haneshamah Limot Hol

Shabbat Ma’ariv (evening service) Kol Haneshamah Shabbat vehagim

Shabbat Shacharit (morning service) Kol Haneshamah Shabbat vehagim

Havdalah Kol Haneshamah Shabbat vehagim pp.521, 525

High Holy Days—2 Sephardi melodies (see attached texts)

Learn the Service

Lifting our voices together in prayerful song joins our souls into a holy community and elevates our spirits beyond mundane interests and chronic concerns. Our rabbi prepared these recordings to encourage individuals to pray, to sing, and to lead our services. If you’ve never been to a service at Hillel B’nai Torah, we hope you will enjoy the opportunity to become familiar with the melodies we use most frequently. Whether you believe you can sing or not, whether you read or understand Hebrew or not, if you can sing in harmony or if you’re interested in learning to lead all or part of a service, give it a try!

Page numbers refer to Kol Haneshama weekday or Shabbat siddur (prayerbook).