MA Criminal Justice Reform

Script for emails or calls to your Senator (not Rep.) to support S.2170

Senator ____________

I am writing to support the Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform Bill S.2170 and to ask you to vote in favor of this bill, without any amendments that would weaken it.

Although I do not feel the bill goes far enough, particularly with regard to solitary confinement and bail reform (I support the elimination of cash bail since we do not appear to have a failure to appear problem in Massachusetts), I do feel that this effort to reform our criminal justice system is long overdue.  I am grateful for the amount of work that went into the Senate omnibus bill, which would:

+  Reduce fees, fines, and other collateral consequences that trap people in a cycle of poverty and recidivism

+  Repeal mandatory minimums for lower-level drug offenses

+  Raise the age for being tried as an adult to 19, with a mechanism to consider raising it to 20 or 21 in the future

+  Promote the use of restorative justice;

+  Expand eligibility for diversion to drug treatment;

+  Implement the SJC ruling that bail must be affordable;

+  Raise the felony larceny threshold from $250 to $1,500, in keeping with other states;

+  Allow records to be sealed after 3 years for misdemeanors and 7 years for felonies

+  Restrict the use of solitary confinement and improve its conditions.  I would like to see these provisions strengthened further.


The Senate vote will happen in the next couple weeks.  Please vote in favor of this historic bill.


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