SHIRAT Shabbat at HBT

Friday evenings 5:45 pm–6:15 pm

Calendar below

Join us at our new monthly Friday night service aimed at children who have aged out of Shakin' Shabbat, especially those in grades one through five. We'll welcome Shabbat with songs and a little bit of learning.

Parents are welcome, though it's ok for older children to join in without a parent. At the end of Shakin’ Shabbat & Shirat Shabbat we will all meet to hug the Torah together and share a meal.

*Shirat Shabbat means "singing Shabbat" in Hebrew

2019 - 2020 Dates:

September 13  (*followed by Community Cookout)

October 4 (*followed by Dinner)

November 15 (followed by Dinner)

December 6 (*followed by Dinner)

January 3 (followed by Dinner)

February 1 (*followed by Community Dinner & Game Night )

March 6 (followed by Dinner)

April 3 Followed by Dinner)

May 1 (followed by Dinner)

NEW pricing this year for the Pizza Dinners following monthly Shakin' Shabbat/Shirat Shabbat programs.

The cost for the Pizza Dinners (which includes vegetarian pizza as well as green salad, tuna salad, fruit salad, and cookies/brownies) will be $6 per person. As before, the first time a family joins us for any kind of dinner, they are our guest and there is no charge. Subsequent dinners are charged the standard rate.

As always, we do not want finances to get in the way of your participation in community events. If the cost of the dinners is prohibitive, please contact Benita Block ( or 617.323.0486) to make alternative arrangements.

NOTE: No money will be accepted on Shabbat. Please reserve your space by 5:00pm Wednesday before each Community Dinner. Cancellation policy: We will give a full refund only if you cancel by 5:00pm on Wednesday before the Friday dinner. If you reserve a space, do not come to dinner, and do not cancel by the deadline, you will be responsible for full payment. 

To reserve your space, contact the temple office: 617-323-0486 or

Newcomers Welcome! Bring Friends & Family!