Pesach 5779/2019


Tradition of Selling Hametz at Passover

One of the traditional Passover preparations is the "selling of the hametz." The Torah commands Jews not only not to eat Hametz (leavened foods, mostly baked goods) during the week of Passover, but also not to possess chametz during that time. For many Jews, both in ancient and modern times, that demand is simply met by removing all hametz from one's home and property and disposing of it by destroying it or giving it away to non-Jews.

At Temple HBT, the tradition of "selling of the chametz" with the return of a Delegation of Power of Attorney for Sale of Hametz Contract with מָעוֹת חִיטִין, provides a donation of tsedaka for the Pesach holiday for purchase of food for the needy. You may provide a check payable to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund or give to another cause that fulfills this mitzvah. HBT is an official partner of MAZON—a Jewish Response to Hunger, which serves both the Jewish poor and others in need.

Click HERE to open and print the Sale of Hametz form