HBT Teen Scene

Calling all teens!
(post b’nai mitzvah through 12th graders)

Join together with other HBT teens throughout the year: create a social media presence for the temple, be part of a social justice project, cook meals for others and enjoy dinners together, have fun and get to know each other. 
At this first gathering we will decide what the rest of the year will look like. Morah Tracy will be facilitating this group.

NEW High Holidays Teen Ritual:

At this time of introspection, what does it mean that you are a young Jewish adult? Whether you have had a bar or bat mitzvah or not, the responsibilities of being part of a Jewish community are now open to you, and the New Year is a time to reflect on how you can find your authentic place in our community and in the other communities of which you are part. What gifts and wisdom do you have to offer? What support – and fun – can you experience by joining other young adults in our community to celebrate the High Holidays together?

Through this ritual, we will explore these ideas and questions. There will be time for talking, listening, playing, and learning from nature. Facilitated by Rev. Tracy Rich/aka Morah Tracy (Tracy was recently ordained as a Minister of Walking Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies. Her practice focuses on mindfulness and spiritual development, working with people across a broad spectrum of faiths).

Yom Kippur Yoga

Further enhance your Yom Kippur experience with an easy chair yoga session to clear the mind and relax the body,  We will incorporate breath work and gentle poses to reinvigorate us, using our bodies to express the High Holiday themes of awareness and compassionate self-forgiveness.  No yoga experience, special clothing  or props are needed. Laurie is a certified yoga instructor, with experience in running chair yoga and relaxation practices.